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Feb 27th '13

Double post, FTW.

ßlack Rose ♥ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Sharon, OK, United States 5335 posts
Feb 27th '13
Quoting ♥Hippie Momma♥:" No, not a typo it is Willian with a 'N' my grandfather who raised me is named William and we were going ... [snip!] ... we were going to go with that but i saw the name with an 'N' on some guy from Rio fb page and loved it. its pronouced Chewy"

Ahhh ok. I wasn't sure. I still think its a pretty good name. :)

Princess Celestia +1 TTC since Nov 2014; 1 child; Tallahassee, Florida 3681 posts
Feb 27th '13

I looooove your girls name!

But your boy's name reminds me of Chewbacca. I'm sorry :lol:. Willian isn't so bad, though.

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Feb 27th '13
Quoting Sarah Bare-ah♡:" Is it pronounced like William just with an N or is it pronounced Will-E-AN?"

We were going for William just with an N but i like the other way too now that i just said it outloud........

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Feb 27th '13

Nice names, though I prefer William to Willian (looks like a typo of William, tbh).