Hi everybody !!! user banned
Feb 27th '13

I haven't been on this website in sooooo long , but on February 17th I became a mother to a toddler. My son turned one, and since we gotten so much snow his party was cancelled but we are having it Sunday. His two bottom teeth FINALLY came in, and he doesn't walk yet -_- not even stand by himself. Only holding on to something he can walk. Anywho how did you guys get your baby to eat. He is a VERY PICKY eater . In the morning he eats a bowl of cereal ( cherrios ) and a yogurt ( yoplait kids or danamals ) an hour later a bottle of milk . And when he wakes up from a nap apple sauce and than after its just little bits of stuff . I feel like he's not eating enough he don't like a lot of stuff HELP !!! Thank u ladiesssss