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Feb 27th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Sharna Wood:</b>" My doc said I would most likely need a c-section because my husband was over 10 pounds and I was 8 almost ... [snip!] ... 10 pounds and I was 8 almost 9 pounds. We dont want to have a c-section unless there is something really wrong with the baby."</blockquote>

Don't stress you will no what labour feels like firstly you will have contractions lasting from 10-15 mins then getting closer in time and more painful and you sort of get this "this is it" feeling, I was induced my first baby (due to leaking amniotic fluid at 41weeks4days)and my second I was walking up the hallway with contractions 5 mins apart and was like um i don't no what to do with myself I felt funny so I just knew I was in labour went to l&d an hour later and was 5cm dilated. And your body is made to birth baby's your hips and cervix will stretch to let bubs thru my first was 8pound 7 and second 7 pound 14 and I'm only a size 10 and pretty small I was 6pound born and my partner was 7pound born so your birth weights mean nothing to your babys.. Try not to be induced or getting a caesarean unless it's totally needed I got an epidural with my first and had a bad labour I ended up in icu, with my second I did it completely natural no pain meds what so ever and my labour was perfect!! Good luck

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Feb 28th '13

Thanks guys I feel a little bit better and a little at easy but I wanna know its hard to explain.....but i am super excited!!