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Feb 26th '13

I just need to vent. My son is 4. This past year we have dealt with a lot of breathing issues with him. It started right after he turned 4. He started out one night with very weird sounded breathing and a lot of retracting in his chest. We quickly took him to the ER. They did an hour long breathing treatment and after that his O2 dropped into the 80's so they put him on oxygen and admitted him. He was in there for 3 days. They did not diagnose his with asthma because it was a one time thing.

Well fast forward 5 months and we notice the same breathing issues. So I now have a nebulizer at home and start breathing treatments. I try for about 8 hours giving him treatments every 2 hours. Nothing get better so back to the hospital we go. Same story as last time. They give him the hour long treamtent, O2 drops, they start oxygen and admit him again for 3 days. This time we are refered to a pulmanologist they prescribes him a daily inhaler. Great! We can get this under control.

6 months later everything starts back up. Go to the hospital and the same story repeats itself. After this admission we are sent back to the pulmanologist and also to an ENT. The pulmanologist finally diagnoses son with asthma. Ups the dose and amount of his inhaler. The ENT decides that since son snores and now as asthma that his tonsils and adnoids should come out. Husband and I were not really sold on this surgery but would do anything to help our son breath easier. So, in November off to surgery we went.

That was 4 months ago. Last night poor son started having labored breathing again. We started breathing treatments and he has had his inhaler. But just a few minutes ago he got up to pee and came back and was breathing so hard you would have thought he just ran a mile. I'm serioulsy on the verge of taking to the hospital yet again. He woke up at 11 today, has had 3 breathing treatments and his inhaler. It is now 3:30 and he is napping. If he wakes up no better we will be going back to the ER. I'm just really praying he takes a turn for the better.