Anxious and nervous Lovemybabybug 1 child; Texas 47 posts
Feb 26th '13

Hi Everyone,
Here is what I am going through right now.
I took out my IUD in DEC.
I had my period in Dec, I had my period on Jan 10-16th and then, I was on my period on Feb 10-15th. Had unprotected sex on the 16 & 17th,. Then all of a sudden I started bleeding on Saturday FEB 23rd, and have continued until today. It seems to be easing up, I have taken 2 tests, and they are negative. But my OB said it could be to early to tell still. To wait until the end of this week or the middle of next week.
I feel as if I am having symptoms, like my breast are sooo sore!!! And some foods just the smell makes me sick! Pickles almost made me vomit. ugh! I am sleepy, but then after a few hourse of rest I wake up like its time to start the day but its only 3am.
Has anyone ever felt like this, this early in your pregnancy? I can't wait until this weekend or next week. I just want to know already :-) :D

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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Feb 26th '13

You're having your period. You had sex on the IUD. You're not pregnant.

Lovemybabybug 1 child; Texas 47 posts
Feb 26th '13

I didn't put the information in correctly. I re did this.

October2011 Due August 5; 3 kids; Pennsylvania 8805 posts
Feb 26th '13

sex the day after your peirod isnt prime baby making're probably feeling funky from your homrmones after having the iud removed.