Fustrated Mamas 1144 Due March 12; 1 child; Kilgore, Texas 249 posts
Feb 26th '13

Been off Depo since May 2012 and have been TTC since then. Got my period back in October 2012 and they have been irregular. Well my last cycle was a perfect 28 days so I should be starting tomorrow but If we go by my Average cycle length I should have just ovulated but I've not had any symptoms all month of ovulation. We will see what happens tomorrow or after that, I'm just ready to either have my body back to normal or to get pregnant. End of rant. Any other mommas in the same boat or were welcomed to comment or share stories.

mommi2be:) 2 kids; Lake Stevens, Washington 165 posts
Feb 26th '13

When I was on Depo I ended up having to take a hormone supplement to get my period and get regular again after not having a period for a year after I stopped Depo. Maybe if you still aren't regular, try talking to your doctor about taking a hormone supplement or maybe bc for a few months to get regular before ttc?? Best of luck to you!! I know how you feel! :)