SN: Filling out evaluation paperwork? user banned
Feb 25th '13

When my son was diagnosed with Autism the psychiatrist ( and his pedi) referred him to a developmental pedi.

When I called them they said they sent out paperwork for me to fill out and the doctor will review and make the appointment for us. The wait is really long so he was referred to a neurologist that specializes in autism, we have an appointment in March.

Well I got the paperwork. There is a box for the the following:

What kind of problems is your child having at home/school?
What questions would you like this evaluation answer?
Other problems/behaviors that concern you?
Please describe your child's strengths.
Have there been changesin your child's life in the past years?

How detailed should I be? Do i send them copiesof his diagnosis and his IEP?

Dean Winchester 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Alaska 16780 posts
Feb 25th '13

i would write it in your own words and send copies..

better safe than sorry