Potty Training! liebe Kenzi ❤ 1 child; Marble Falls, Texas 3866 posts
Feb 25th '13

So, I had been trying to potty train my daughter for quite some time. When I moved we went right back to step one. Due to living in a household where sharing a bathroom with 5 other people was becoming quite... hard. She would have accidents and get really distraught about having an accident. Well, I bought her a potty last night... and she has been so perfect! No accidents, peeing, pooing, everything in the potty. She even followed me in the bathroom when I was cleaning out her potty and jumped on the actual toilet because she had to pee so bad! No accidents still. I am so proud of her, and I just hope it stays this way.


Of course she had to play a game while peeing last night.