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Feb 25th '13
Quoting BG Secrets:" Now before you start calling me names and jump to conclusions, I would NEVER actually go through with ... [snip!] ... so much thinking about beig with one of those guys. Ugh! Sorry for any type-o's I tried to wright this fast before SO sees it."

I'm in relationship kind of like that now...he is so good to me and my son but my God he gets on my f**king nerves!! We are technically on a break right now because idk if I want to stay with him. Idk if i can handle it. I mean, everything thing he does bothers me. He makes obnoxious noises because he is bored, he wants to be all over me constantly, he smacks his food and that alone makes me feel like killing him 99% of the time. The only thing keeping me around is the fact that he has his own place, and i still live with his parents, he helps me with my baby when I need a break..and I'm worried I won't ever find anyone else that will be so good to me and I have no advice...but i feel your pain. :/