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Cook first or no? user banned
Feb 24th '13

I'm making broccoli and potatoes scalloped and I can't find any recipes that use fresh broccoli. S should I cook it first or not?

Addi&Aria'smama 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Florissant, Missouri 8261 posts
Feb 24th '13

I wouldn't. I would think it you did it would end up really mushy.

SophieKay 2 kids; Ontario 313 posts
Feb 24th '13

Yeah broccoli is usually best with minimal cooking. If it's going to be baked in with the potatoes anyways definitely don't precook, it'll turn to mush.

Bettinas Due August 14; 2 kids; Australia 2223 posts
Feb 24th '13

If it's layered underneath the potato, the buildup of steam should be enough to cook it :)

user banned 3 kids; Washington 15083 posts
Feb 24th '13

It seems to be cooking fine. Just 20 more minutes until dinner. It looks and smells delicious.