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Cordelia's Mom 33 kids; Bakersfield, California 3685 posts
Feb 24th '13
Quoting SophieKay:" <blockquote><b>Quoting That one chick.:</b>" Did you have any idea that the hospital ... [snip!] ... what you need from them. It should be just fine, and even if it isn't perfect you still get one hell of a consolation prize."

Wow it sounds like everything added up to bad timing for you!
I go on the tour soon so maybe I can size up how everything is. I really like my OB she is on a team too but she's really straight forward and never seems to leave out any details and anytime she has any questions she acts like she has all the time in the world to answer them. I just hope I go into labor during the day because she said there are different doctors on call at night but if it's during the day it will definitely be her.

VivaLaCali 1 child; New York 129 posts
Feb 24th '13

I had an all natural labor the pain was so unbearable so I started pushing too early and ended up having to get cut. & 13 stiches. The stitching was more painful then labor itself. I wish I would had prepared.

Vanessa Lynn Peterson Due June 7; 2 kids; Owosso, Michigan 22 posts
Feb 24th '13

With my beautiful Annalina, I tore a little. She was 7lbs 3oz and I really was so pumped with adreniline that i didn't feel it nor realized it. lol You think i would have but honestly even after i was holding her the doc told me he would numb me real quick and i wouldn't feel him sewing me up and honestly i was so out of it and tired after everything that had he not told me what he was doing...i wouldn't have known nor cared. Good luck hun!

Vanessa Lynn Peterson Due June 7; 2 kids; Owosso, Michigan 22 posts
Feb 24th '13

I forgot to say that I did not have the epidural and i just had the seditives to keep me calm... they worked:)

Jenna Rae 2 kids; Wisconsin 607 posts
Feb 24th '13

I didn't tear but I had an episiotomy.

kaykayz Due March 12 (girl); 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 53 posts
Feb 24th '13

I didnt tear with either of my kids, im scared I might with this one, but all I did was walk a lot a lot, I didnt have a car with my first two, I walked everywhere. No oils or anything, maybe its just elasticity or something.

mrs.bedell 2 kids; Grand Forks, North Dakota 763 posts
Feb 25th '13

I had a level 2 tear skin and muscle everything was going fine. UNTIL the nurse told me not to push I told her I needed to she said hold it my son at that point was coming at his own. So in the middle of pretty much doing a kegel my suns head ripped right out with no mercy. If your afraid of ripping just listen to your body I do not plan on putting my faith in a nurse like that again. I understand my son came quickly the room was not ready but just because you don't have mats on the floor does not mean my son is coming any slower. I have pains whenever I have a b.m. or intercourse with my husband. I to this day just have so much anger for that woman it makes me sick. If I could do it all over again and would of let it all happen naturally I do not believe I would have torn that is the truth.

lamr - 02-08-13-21 2 kids; Crazytown, ON, Canada 6008 posts
Feb 25th '13

I had a second degree tear with my first.

My second was a scary delivery and we needed him out ASAP so the doc on call gave me an episiotomy. When I asked how many stitched i had, he laughed in my face and told me four LAYERS.

MamiK 4 kids; Bay Area, CA, United States 934 posts
Feb 25th '13

I didn't tear with either of my two babies. (hoping it will go this smoothly with the one on the way) The only thing I did to prepare myself was to do lots and lots of kegal exercises. I'll assume you know what they are, if not, Google it :)
They're supposed to help your muscles in that area.