what the F.... !!Katie!! 1 child; Tennessee 2794 posts
Feb 24th '13

I'm 6 months PP. I've had 5 periods since DS was born and they're a lot heavier than they were before I had a child. That doesn't surprise me. The thing that's bothering me is morning sickness. Seriously, I get morning sickness right before my cycle and it lasts until mid cycle. I'm not pregnant, I tested and this has been going on for a couple months now. I've never heard of this happening so I looked it up. Apparently it can happen, it's not extremely common, but it happens. It has to do with your hormones surrounding your cycle and it's usually after you've had a child. This effing sucks. I seriously hope this doesn't happen forever now.

Is anyone familiar with this??

Trey&Genesis'momma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Somewhere, IN, United States 4802 posts
Feb 24th '13

No I have never heard of that before. But maybe that would explain why I get super nauseated right around the time my period happens. But I have a stomach condition too so I am naturally feeling nauseated a lot of the time without being on my period. I'm sorry you are suffering from this. I hope it tapers off soon for you though. That's really weird.