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Feb 23rd '13
Quoting LayLu:" I know you weren't asking me about the pump, but I just wanted to share.. I was in the process of getting ... [snip!] ... it. I was like, "Um.. what..? I can barely afford the bills I have now. No one told me I'd be paying anything.." I was pissed."

Thats not good! I got one a long time ago when I was a teenager, and have gone back and forth between shots and the pump. When on shots im on about 100-120units a day. on the pump, 50-70units (total).

I absolutely love it. If I could get a CGM id be set

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Feb 23rd '13
Quoting Summerfrost:" You guys should try the chobani one with pineapple in the bottom. That one is my favorite. :D "

Mmmmm I love pineapple. :)