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Feb 22nd '13


My brother just called me...

my almost 2 year old nephew (he'll be 2 March 15) has an obstruction growing in his stomach where its blocking his bowls where he cant go to the bathroom :/
they are still running tests to see if it is cancerous or not.. they went to give him the liquid to do a catscan and he has an allergic reaction and swelled up and they had to fix that :/

so i guess as we speak they are doing an MRI. times like this makes it even harder being away from my family :(
i just wish i could go home :(

please pray or whatever you do for him please... :(

my little nephew <3
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Friends and family, today I found out the most horrific news a parent can possibly find out... after several days of tests, they found a cancerous tumor/growth in my sons stomach and also signs of a tumor/growth on his lungs.... There going to do more tests within the next couple days to determine the next step... So I will keep everyone updated

So from what I've learned as an update today the tumor was golf ball sized yesterday and now today his tumor Is the size of a grape fruit and rapidly growing the spot on his lung is the size of a pea for now and might be a different strand of cancer ... He will be going into surgery tomorrow in the morning sometime then there will be radiation treatments and kemo after that we will be at the hospital all night and probably for awhile after.... Please keep our son in your prayers... And if you have time it would be nice to see some familiar friendly faces before we charge into this unknown battle.... Thank you again for everyones support...

So there are more questions than there answers there's also been mention of bronchitis added to the mix on top... So pretty much after the ct scan we are going to be in the waiting period ... Instead I surgery there's now talk of just a biopsy tomorrow then more waiting... So hopefully we have some good news on the next update...

Cstscan found internal.bleeding. He is now :/

they did a catscan and they found internal bleeding. So now they are trying to find out where hes bleeding from and are trying to stop it before proceeding. The tumor is wrapping around his urinary tract so not only can he not poop he cant go pee either. His stomach has swelled up and his belly button is pushed out :/ hes in so much pain he wont even let his mother hold him

There holding off on the biopsy till tomorrow and also from the ct scan they said it looks to be on his bladder which can be rebuild all day long with minimal damage through the years... and that it looks lile its not on any of his vital organs so hopefuls this is fully true good news...

Another update good news this time ... The doctors said the internal bleeding has stopped and he's getting his color back well... He's still drained from everything but awake, just lethargic.... So hopefully he keeps swinging and we can put this in the past ....

There starting the plasma transfusion for his clotting factors now... So in about four hours they should be done with the transfusion... The plan for tomorrow is still the biopsy... So after that it's waiting time unless something changes..

So as an update for today they did not do the biopsy today because they found bumps in his groin area, and they need a urologist during the biopsy to check for lymph nodes and if they are there they said it would indicate either stage 3 or stage 4 so tomorrow in the morning time able is scheduled for a biopsy, during which they will determine if they need to move forward and remove it or if they can try and tackle it with radiation and chemo...

we are here at ICU with Able, uncle B is making him laugh! Able is scheduled for his biopsy tomorrow morning, they are going to also do a biopsy on his lymph nodes To determine how to proceed. If his lymph nodes are clear, they will remove the mass from his abdomen, then follow up with chemo. If the lymph nodes have cancer cells in them then he will need chemo first, then a different plan of action.

Lymph node test came back negative so there going to proceed with taking the tumor out....

So I hate to say this... Since we thought we had good news...its kinda the opposite... There is not going to be removal of the tumor..were not out of the water at all yet... apparently the tumor is attached to too many things and now they said there not 100% sure if it's on his bladder anymore because they couldn't tell cause they would have to move too many things around.... So there going to stop for the day and sew him up... There going to start him on chemo then hopefully it will shrink the tumor enough for them to go back in and remove it and he's going to have to go through more surgery's because they think it would be too big of a surgery for him to handle if they didn't take this in steps... There going to do a bone marrow biopsy and also a biopsy on his lung... Dear Jesus hasn't my baby boy been through enough!?!?!? Wtf!!! Is wrong with you?!?!!!!!!!!!

new pictures! hes actually smiling!!
181005_10200303153317525_833857271_n.jpgmommy holding able as he gets put to sleep
"My son really is a trooper, they were putting the medicine in his Iv to make him sleep he looked right at us waived and said bye bye!!! Then passed out.... *tear* freaking most tear jerking moment..."

Able has a lot of swelling and they canceled all of his operations and put him on observation mode to watch him and see what's going on

So as an update able has become very swollen...more swollen than he should be..his legs, belly, feet and his little boy parts are all severely swollen and enraged. He was supposed to get his bone biopsy done today but because of the swelling there holding off until tomorrow, he's been on observation since this morning with no news as to why he's swelling so bad...

able now has an infection in his neck from where they put the Iv in his central vein so they have to remove it and out an Iv in his chest, also he's going in to do the bone biopsy today and while he's in there their going to open his stomach back because his swelling is wayy too much and the doctors are very concerned about it...

After all the bad news bad news, there might be some good news in the mix. Waiting to here back from his parents. Keep the prayers and faith strong! Able is a little fighter who surely deserves it ♥

Able as of today is finally out of icu, and able to eat solid foods!!!!:) though we're not our of high waters yet this is still a plus!!

So I know everyone's been waiting for more good news but sadly there is none in fact it's quite the opposite, from the results of the cat scan yesterday the tumor has actually grown, causing significant affects to his organs, and has also spread to ables stomach and they were unable to do a radiation treatment because it would affect too many of his vital organs and its also is affecting his bathroom habits also there is a lot of fluid around one of ables lungs and has caused it to stop working, the doctors are going to be doing surgery today to relieve his lung of the fluid and there's talk of him having to have a tube in his chest, also there going to try to figure out why he isn't going to the bathroom and see if they can't come up with a solution to fix it...

Not much to report other than Able has been resting and they are currently awaiting the biopsy results in order to determine how to best proceed.

His fluid samples came back negative..the results from the one on his lung will be in tomorrow. His mother had to consent to a blood transfusion yesterday, which was hard but he needed it..his red blood cells stopped reproducing due to surgery, labs, and fighting off the cancer

he now has an infection from his catheter and they started taking urine samples..hes also been developing weird rashes all over today, like hes allergic to something..but nothings touched him.

Yesterday we got the test results from the biopsy of ables lung and as much as it hurts to say this able is officially diagnosed with stage 4 rabdo sorcoma cancer of the muscles and from what the doctors said his curability rate droped from real high to a 50/50 chance...

Thank you everyone for your support and for ables gifts... I know it's a little late but I wanted to say thanks... Able loves everything he got...:) also as an update able is going back to the hospital on Friday for check up tests to see if anything has changed so...fingers crossed..:)

He had an emergency appointment Tuesday, and they decided to readmit him on Friday, not sure what for just yet, I am thinking it is because he is going to be doing daily chemo, not sure yet. Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming!

So for everyone that's been itching for an update on able...I'm sorry I havnt posted in awhile....I havnt really had much of anything to post, but from what the doctors have said after examining ables stomach is that it feels like the tumor has shrunk which means the chemo is working but they won't know officially until they can do another ct scan within the next couple of weeks ...and after that if it has shrunk the plan so far is for them to go in and attempt to remove the tumor again unless it's still attached to his vital organs.... Other than that ables been stronger than I could ever be through all this no matter what punches cancer may throw at him he refuses to let it get him down, though he does have his good days, his bad days and even his terrible days, he's still in the fight.... And that's all that counts ....

***UPDATED UP TO 4-8-13***

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Feb 22nd '13

That's horrible! Saying a prayer.

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Feb 22nd '13

:( Thats sad! I hope they find out whats wrong soon and he gets better ASAP!!! *Prayers*

Kali'sMommy♥ 1 child; California 13723 posts
Feb 22nd '13

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! Sending prayers your way!

Irish Twins Mama ♥ 2 kids; Iowa 2147 posts
Feb 22nd '13

Praying! I hope everything is okay, I can't imagine ):

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Feb 22nd '13

will do hun!!!!!!!

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Feb 22nd '13

thank you ladies..

im shock right now.
i dont know what to do being 4000 miles away..
i didnt even know what to tell my brother.. he was just on the verge of crying.. he said more but i couldnt understand much.. i just know it started monday and he hasnt went to the bathroom in a couple days... and what i already posted :/

our dad is out on the road too :/
and im in f**king alaska. and i just cant stop crying..

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Feb 22nd '13

Poor baby. :( Praying. Hope he feels better ASAP.

Soon 2B Mom of 2 2 kids; North Highlands, California 3785 posts
Feb 22nd '13

Sending thoughts, prayers and good vibes his way. Poor baby boy! My neice is 3000 miles away and going through some issues as well (She just turned 2 also) so I have an idea of how hard it is on you. Sorry you guys are going through this, and I hope it all turns out ok.

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Feb 22nd '13

Aww poor baby. Hope everything gets better. Prayers being sent his way

Mommy2Kay Due April 20; 1 child; Florida 4303 posts
Feb 22nd '13

I said prayer for him. Please keep us updated! God is very powerful, he can do anything.

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Feb 22nd '13

Praying super hard for him girl! So sorry:/

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Feb 22nd '13

Thoughts and prayers.

Dean Winchester 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Alaska 16780 posts
Feb 22nd '13

i will keep everyone updated when i find out more :/
im sure they will be working all night on this :(

its 10pm back home and they were bringing in the MRI machine.. :/
i wish i could be there right now :(

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Feb 22nd '13

Awe no :( I'm praying for him. Hopefully they get it figured out and he gets on his way to feeling better very soon! Stay strong!