Cervix position. Possible TMI! tinydancer118 2 kids; Manitoba 269 posts
Feb 22nd '13

I always think of these things after my appointments! Anyways, I'm just wondering what the cervix position changes are approaching labor? I understand it thinning and dilating, but at my appt yesterday (I'm 39 weeks 6 days) I had an internal. My dr said my cervix was quite high, nice and soft but only just starting to open towards the front. Also said, as in previous weeks, that baby is very very low. I had started an evening primrose oil regimen and decided to continue with that. I try to get it right to my cervix and therefor I knew it was quite high. However last night when I went to insert the EPO, my cervix was really low. I didn't have to bare down at all to reach (sorry TMI). Today it seems to be back up a bit again. I'm just wondering if that's normal? Maybe it has to do with baby being really low but not totally locked and loaded do to speak? I'm praying something will happen soon! I really don't want an induction and really really don't want cesarean! I'm terrified! I delivered my first at 41 weeks 1 day so praying this one doesn't go that long!