WTH is up with my dreams? *Vent* Lucky Mom of Soon-To-Be 6 6 kids; Pueblo, Colorado 895 posts
Feb 22nd '13

The past two days I've had nothing but crazy dreams. Last night, I remember two dreams.

Dream #1, Night #1:
The first one was that I was with this guy and I wasn't into him but after we started talking just a little we got close (if you know what I mean). Well in that dream, he started kissing me and he seen my husband and went to hide but it was too late. My husband seen him, walked over to him, took out a knife and stabbed him in the stomach. He fell over and then he tried to stab himself. Then I woke up.

Dream #2, Night #1:
This one was with a guy I liked (I guess) and he kissed me too. We were in our apartment by my bedroom door and he was trying to get me to do more with him but I didn't want to. As I was walking away, he unhooked my bra and I went into my room for something, walked out and was trying to fix my bra when my husband walked in. He assumed I was having sex with this guy when I wasn't and he said it was over and decided to get revenge. So he started having sex with this Asian skank right in front of me. I remembered I tried to pinch her all over but I kept getting held back by my husbands friends. Weird!

Dream #3, Night #2:
Last night, I was really freaking out lol. I had a dream I had to go to the doctor for something (I can't remember what it was for, something to check on my ovaries or something) and my husband was in the room waiting for them to say what was wrong with me. The doctor took an ultrasound and seen two babies, then said hold on and found a third one. I WAS HAVING TRIPLETS!!!! As soon as my husband heard that he walked out the door pissed off lol. i was so excited and listening to all my family put me down and everyone else around my family. it kinda hurt.

Those were my dreams. I just don't understand why I'm having dreams about cheating when I would never cheat in the first place. It hasn't even crossed my mind, not even once. AND, I don't know why I would have dreams about being pregnant and then waking up regretting the sips of wine I've had lately lol. anyone else ever had dreams like these? what do they mean?

Onalee's Mummy Due August 26 (boy); 1 child; Newcastle, Australia 5355 posts
Feb 22nd '13

Are you pregnant? I get crazy dreams when pregnant.

I strongly believe there are meanings in most dreams. They are usually hidden within. Use an online dream dictionary and search the subject (infidelity, marriage breakdown, stranger). See if any of it applies o you right now. Your subconscious could be creating those dreams

If they really bother you an are persistent, as a child my mother had extreme nightmares (about 12 years old) he had acupuncture and has only had about 5 dreams her entire life since

Lucky Mom of Soon-To-Be 6 6 kids; Pueblo, Colorado 895 posts
Feb 25th '13

I am not pregnant (that I know of). Its highly possible though. My period was February 2-6 but I am EBF. I keep having these creepy dreams. Like last night, omg it was horrible. I had a dream that I looked down at my chest and stomach and I had a long line of staples like I was being closed shut from surgery or something. Then on the right side of the staples, I could see a hole in my body that was being held together by a safety pin. And then one of the staples in the long incision was gone and I kept telling my family "what is this from? I don't remember anything before this happened. What happened to me?" They wouldn't tell me though :( Maybe it is time to take a test. I haven't had stupid dreams like this in a long time.