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Feb 22nd '13

We just left 2month appt. Caius weighed12.13 and was 22.5 inches. At 2wks he was only 7.2 and 19.25 inches and 6.12 at birth. . So he is really growing. . On the general growth chart.. not just bf babies he's in 65% for weight and only 26% for height. . But DH is 6.1 and I'm 5.6 so I doubt he will be short. . At the rate he's growing. . Im sure he'll catch up soon.. he started out small so he has a lot of ground to gain..

Most weeks he gained a pound a week. . One week he gained little to nothing. . But I just calculated and in 7 weeks he averaged 13oz a week and 3.25 inches.. my 13 yr old son is jealous. .