Dairy issues, 'morning' sickness? MyLittleSweetPea Due October 20; 1 child; Perth, Australia 766 posts
Feb 22nd '13

If any of you were pregnant and felt sick all day every day and it got worse with the consumption of anything dairy...what did you do??

Kerrie Mcdowell Due June 18 (girl); Japan 10 posts
Feb 22nd '13

Im nearly 23 weeks pregnant and ive had sickness from week 5, best thing ive found is find out what it is that makes me sick like is it milk or cheese, yougart, try diffrent brands of dairy products too, ive found that if ive found a food i can tollerate in the morning i am set for the day for etc.. if i have my eggs on toast i can eat most things and not feel so bad thru the day, but if your having a day where you cant keep a thing down, have a icy pole they are my best friend.. Hope this helps, oh and if your having trouble keeping pregnacy vitamins down, I changed to pregancy gummies and they work very well for me

♥Manda♥ Sunnydale, CA, United States 29485 posts
Feb 22nd '13

My sisters having this issue, she's tried not eating dairy but its not making a difference really.

Redhead Penguin Due September 13 (boy); 3 kids; Henrico, Virginia 99 posts
Feb 23rd '13

My ob put me on daily Miralax so I go as needed but I am still sick all the time due to having hyperemesis gravidarum.