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Katie[ღ]Siℓas 17 kids; Grand Haven, Michigan 2071 posts
Feb 22nd '13

Don't know if this counts but I got a nice used car today, and I love it! lol. 1999 Malibu, great condition and it's beautiful.

Other than that, I do alot of yardsaling too. I got Silas a sweet mobile that projects light into the mobile top, and it spins and plays music. I believe its 50 bucks at walmart, got it for 10 at a yardsale, brand new :D I also have some baby shoes from yardsales because babies don't wear out shoes and they hardly wear them anyways but they were cute and cheap haha.

jstephanie396 New York 1 posts
Apr 21st '13

I'll buy anything in seconds if it is a good deal and the product is still good to be used. I do also sell in local flea market and started selling online too recently. Buying used items saves me a lot of money. Most of the time I find a deal on which item is very less used and look almost like a brand new one. You know we cannot skip those deals :D I am also finding a lot of good deals recently on SEO Services. Check if any of my items can be useful for you too, we'll buy and share if viable. It's even more savings, right? :)

Maia's Mama 1 child; Washington 283 posts
Apr 21st '13

I don't. It just skeeves me out. I wouldn't wear a stranger's clothing and I don't want DD to either.

If they belonged to a family member and I knew their hygiene habits, maybe. Not a stranger's though.