Feeking ljke a bad mom! LinzKae Due August 12; 1 child; Las Vegas, Nevada 455 posts
Feb 20th '13

I love my dd so very much don't here wrong, but today I have a killer migraine and just wanna lay around. She is 5 months and teething and last night she fussed and cried for two hours! I tried everything that normally works and finally resorted to just rocking her while she cried and I started to cry. I'm a sahm and have never had a baby sitter or been away from her longer than like a half hour since she was born! I need a break, I would never doing anything dumb and I don't have ppd or anything, I just need a break! But because I'm having a breakdown today I feel like a bad mom! Sorry just needed to vent!

Stephanie Charlwood 1 child; United Kingdom 515 posts
Feb 20th '13

I know how you feel, I'm a stay at home single mum and I didn't have 5 mins without my daughter until she was almost 6 months old.
She suffered badly with colic when she was younger so I had times when I felt so awful because she was just crying and I had tried everything to settle her.
You deserve a break, every mum does, you shouldn't have to just sit in and suffer coz it will eventually get you down. I found a few hours to myself needed and very beneficial, dont get me wrong it felt so strange and I missed her when dhe was gone but just try and enjoy it

Buckeye Due August 13; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Mt Gilead, Ohio 882 posts
Feb 20th '13

I understand. I am a sahm too and sometime you just need a few hours of me time. I hate the guilt feeling i sometimes get, but damn I need some alone time just like everyone else.

Just the Sea's mom 1 child; Keokuk, IA, United States 3286 posts
Feb 20th '13

ask a friend or family member to babysit her for a little while. you need a few breaks every now and then. that doesn't make you a bad mom.

LinzKae Due August 12; 1 child; Las Vegas, Nevada 455 posts
Feb 20th '13

My mom says she will take her for a few hours Saturday so dh and I can go on a date but I feel bad leaving her with my mom when she is fussy. I don't want my mom to have to listen to her cry the whole time!