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Feb 20th '13

My son never really used his, he was always trying to crawl out of it so waste of money for us. Safety wise, they are perfectly safe as long as you use them correctly, never put the baby and bumbo on any raised surface (the couch or table). If you contact the company, you can recieve a free seatbelt kit that you can install for extra safety. If you do want a Bumbo, I would reccomend getting one from a second hand store (like Once Upon a Child) or something because they are $40 from walmart (not counting the tray) which is way too much money to be worth it even if your child does use it imo.

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Feb 20th '13
Quoting Maria + Cory = Alexis:" Does anyone have one for there LO? I hear they are really good and safe, is that your experience? I am ... [snip!] ... much about them. I didn't see an age require or anything on the package. So if you have one when did you put LO in it? TIA"

Mine hated it, but I know of other babies that loved it. The problem for mine was that they were small babies and they were just slumped in it when I used it. By the time they were bigger and could sit more comfortably in it, they were able to sit almost independently and didn't want to be confined by the chair.

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Feb 20th '13

My son is 3 months and has a little trouble holding his neck yet so I'm going to wait a few weeks to put him in it. However when my sister was a baby she absolutely loved it. She could sit up and look around and be where the action was while my mom was cooking or doing house work.

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Feb 20th '13
Quoting ~The Lunar Flower~:" <blockquote><b>Quoting suzyq463:</b>" Yep, I did the recall form thing to order the ... [snip!] ... Lol IMO bumbo seatbelts are like installing seatbelts in a beanbag chair. It doesn't make much sense to me either"

I agree..i mean if they fall they will more than likely hit their head...a seatbelt wont prevent that.
I got one, but my son absolutely hates it. he prefers his bouncy seat over anything.