CRSx2Mommy 18 kids; North Carolina 3475 posts
Feb 19th '13
Quoting *WishingUponAStar*:" Well I did have horrible insomnia before DH deployed that seemed almost instantly cured when he deployed. ... [snip!] ... having my bed to myself, but I have 2 boys and a dog that crawls into my bed every night. lol (My dog is a big 110 lber too!)"

hahaha I'll bet! I am sure I'm going to die of exhaustion having to take care of a newb by myself but luckily my son still naps so hopefully I can sneak some shut eye in there. I suffer form insomnia now but I know that shit will be short lived. Exhaustion will win!

I'm sure DH and I will start to pick at each other again. I think it goes with the territory. Both are so frustrated to be apart from each other that we tend to take it out on each other. But all well. Such is military life! What branch is your DH in?

I'm about to head to bed girl feel free to take this convo to PM so we don't keep blowing up this poor girl's thread LOL

Me+ (3) 3 kids; Lima, OH, United States 2355 posts
Feb 20th '13
Quoting *WishingUponAStar*:" That sucks. How far away do you all live from each other? I don't know what all options you have, but ... [snip!] ... DH was in bootcamp, I would go visit him 15 hours away on the greyhound bus! lol (I only reccommend this as a last option! lol)"

We don't live very far, but there's still not many ways to get around here.