user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
Feb 20th '13

My oldest is now 10 and the only destructive thing she has done is kick the bars in her crib in half at 11 months old, so we switched her into a double bed. And thats it.

My 4 yr old nothing so far. And my now 12 1/2 month old so far nothing.

My kids have never colored on anything or painted or broke (besdies the crib) I have been licky so far. "knock on wood"

thankheavenforlittlegirls 18 kids; Georgia 233 posts
Feb 20th '13
Quoting GrumpsMama.:" What's the most destructive thing your child has done? I want to hear some funny stories. Pictures would ... [snip!] ... noodles. Today he showed me a spot on the wall that he took a crayon too. He said it was an "uh-oh" Yep. An Uh-oh alright. "

My daughter emptied an entire brand-new container of baby powder all over my living room in under a minute. lol I left to put her shoes in the closet and came back in and the room was white. I figured out just how difficult it was to clean powder off of dark leather couches and wood floors. Plus the lamp and TV and tables. She was about 2..after I took her in her room so I could go clean it up all I could do was laugh. I still wonder what was going through her mind. haha