Flying with 5month old... what to do what to do *CD moms hel Otaytaytay 3 kids; Indianapolis, Indiana 7300 posts
Feb 18th '13

Ok, so FINALLY I am on my final court hearing for my first two girls and its being held in FL so we decided instead of waiting for the petition for phone court i'd just fly to FL for a couple days. I leave tomorrow and will be back on Thursday evening..

First, what all should I bring for her on the plane? I'm planning on just wearing my ergo and holding her that way. SHe's a very good baby. It's also only 1 1/2 flight.

Now, for only being gone not even 3 days what should I bring CD wise how many diapers should I need. I feel like my whole luggage is going to be filled with diapers.

Clothes i'll prolly just bring about 2 outfits for each day (just incase of a mess) and jammies. I'm mostly concerned about the plane and then the diapers situation.

☮LoveAndSerenity 1 child; Kenosha, Wisconsin 52409 posts
Feb 19th '13

I would add up how many diapers she normally uses for 3 days and maybe add in a few more in case of other issues.