Gone. Mr's&Family* 2 kids; Arizona 3702 posts
Feb 18th '13

Gone. Gone. Gone.

m o m ♥ 2 kids; Ontario 7948 posts
Feb 18th '13

ask your cousin to stay at your parents?

I am telling my family that the doctor ordered no visitors for the first (whatever amount of time) because I don't want them there. And it was true last time I had my baby so I'm just saying it this time even though the dr. didn't say

but otherwise I know they won't listen to me and will come anyway

M A M A of ♥ N E Due March 14; 17 kids; 582 posts
Feb 18th '13

I would tell your cousin the truth about how you are feeling, others should be accomadating you and not themselves. My SIL said she would visit once my son is born and I told her sorry but, no. She was sad but understood that I will have just given birth and need to recover before going out & such if needed.

Drop It Like Its Hott 3 kids; Halethorpe, Maryland 1557 posts
Feb 19th '13

I don't want anyone their either. Last time the husband had his mom, step dad and chase in the waiting room. Not only did i have to walk past them to go to the OR, my c section was at 6am and since she went to the nicu till 1130 i couldn't rest bc they were in my room. I told him this time to b wait a few hours then come up , doubt anyone will listen