MamatoCooper 1 child; South Carolina 640 posts
Feb 18th '13

i have a nurse that comes out to my house (prenatel nurse) anyways, she said she would NEVER reccommend the shot on anyone. she said she was on it and it made her sooo sick. she said the only one she would ever reccommend to people is the implanon. i was thinking of doing the patch, but i talked to some ladies on here and they said it made them have severe blood clots and made them dizzy, because it has the highest dose of estrogen. i would talk to your doctor and see what they suggest. i'v heard the implanon is really good, it stays in for 3 years.. but idk, i have never had it nor have i been on any birth control. im still trying to decide what i wanna do :/

Mason's Momma♥ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Florida 263 posts
Feb 18th '13
Quoting GL♣PK:" Went from 111-135 (had never been over 115) in six months. I was omit for two years. The weight gain was nothing compared to the raging b***h that it turned me into. Never again."

I'm already quite the b***h... But, thanks everyone for the input.
I'm going to try it for myself and give it 3-4 months.... I'll keep you all updated!