Hurt my hip really bad user banned
Feb 18th '13

We went ice fishing yesterday. It was a blast, but about three hours into the trip I lost my bucket seat from beneath me, lost my footing, and my entire left leg went down in the hole up to my crotch. My friends helped me up immediately, and DH helped me get my wet stuff off and drying. I did not notice any pain, and I was happy that I did not feel foolish in the company of my friends. The hole I fell into, was, after all, one of 6 in a five man tent (kids were in our 10 man tent with one hole, so no safety issue there).

When we got home, DH and I jacuzzied together, and at that point I started hurting. He had to help me out of the tub and into bed. At this point I have taken Tylenol, and slept with the heating pad all night.
Curious if I should be attempting any stretches or tying my yoga for relief, but not sure of this will only perpetuate the problem.

Anyone have ideas or have any similar pregnancy mishaps?