Too early? WarZoneParis Due August 27 (girl); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Fairfax, VA, United States 858 posts
Feb 18th '13

We been trying to get pregnant. On Jan 10th the Dr took the IUD out. I got my first period on the 25th of Jan. Anyways since then I been having some odd cramping that I had posted about a couple of weeks ago. That last for about 2-3 days and was more in the middle pain and cramping. Which when I researched it that it could have been implantation cramping. Then I was told it could have been ovulation cramping. Still to this day I do not even know what it was. I been getting nauseous for almost 3 weeks now and my b**bs are very sore and swollen...

Did any of you have early symptom with your second or first child ? Did you test after your missed period or before?

My first child we didn't even know I was pregnant until 9 weeks she wasn't planned like we are doing with this one now.

22Jleigh33 1 child; Louisiana 747 posts
Feb 18th '13

It took 16 months for me to conceive after having my implanon removed. I had no idea I was pregnant, I just kept eating a lot, I felt like I couldn't get full. My fianc

Gemmas mommy! 1 child; Deposit, New York 1893 posts
Feb 18th '13

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks I started getting symptoms when I was 3 , I got sick from greasy food and I got really bad cramps.

xpaige 1 child; Oakville, Ontario 47 posts
Feb 18th '13

I was 7 weeks pregnant when I found out and I was slightly cramping, nauseas and couldn't stand the smell of anything. My b**bs also hurt and were swelling a little bit.