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Feb 17th '13

I posted in the 6+ month ttc thread but figured I might get more help if I post it in its own...

So question...
I just checked my mucus. It was creamy with bits of it that stretched like an inch.
IF I ovulate like a normal person this month, it could be as early as tomorrow (CD 14).
I did have sex earlier this morning (about 15-16 hours ago) with 1.5 (whatever the measurement in the tube is...I used half of the recommended dose) of pre-seed. Would it still be hanging around, that much? I read it shouldn't be after about two hours but i want real experiences..
Cause I am kind of soaked...and I really wasn't earlier today.
Or could it very well be almost time to ovulate?

I didn't buy any OPKs yet. :/

And my cervix is kind of high and open and only half way soft...

Still confused on all of