Violet rose brooke_x 1 child; Australia 144 posts
Feb 17th '13

Just wanted to make a quick post, wasn't sure where to post but anyways!

At 9:55AM on the 9/2/2013 I gave birth to my beautiful girl Violet Rose, I was a week early and she weighed 8pounds15 oz and was 53cm! She was my first pregnancy and first birth. Labour and birth were probably the hardest most challenging experiences in my life.. and I honestly didn't cope as well as I thought I would have but I had a happy healthy baby and seeing her for the first time was honestly the best feeling, I love her to pieces!

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Feb 17th '13

Congrats! Its hard to cope, or prepare to cope, when you have NO idea what you're in for!

Beautiful name choice. My daughter is also Violet Rose :)

brooke_x 1 child; Australia 144 posts
Feb 17th '13

Oh yeah definitely, even after allll the research and all the late nights google-ing anything and everything, I was still by far 'prepared' haha.. aw really!? How awesome hehe :D