Getting induced at 37 weeks mia0923 Due March 1 (boy); Middleton, Wisconsin 32 posts
Feb 16th '13

o my doctor has decided to induce at 37 weeks due to gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Anyone else have this occur? Anything I should know ?

12 more days!!

Sonya B+2 18 kids; Brazil 3512 posts
Feb 16th '13

I'm no help but I'm having my c section at 39 weeks which is in 12 days too, on the 28th?

Nut ღ Meg Beverly Hills, CA, United States 40262 posts
Feb 16th '13

Why wait 12 days if you have pre-e?

Roe23 2 kids; Ottawa, Ontario 4199 posts
Feb 16th '13

It might take a while :).

I was induced at 37 weeks, 5 days because of high blood pressure (and lots of warning signs for pre-e). I had two rounds of Cervidil to help ripen my cervix (12 hours each, I was able to go home each time with it next to my cervix after lots of testing) and then I went home after the second round was removed while I was in early labour (my tests were still okay).

The pitocin (or artificial oxytocin, I don't know what the brand was) started at 11 am at 38 weeks, 0 days. I had amazing midwives and I was able to labour out of the bed on an exercise ball. With the extra risks associated with pitocin, continuous monitoring is required so I had on wireless, waterproof monitors on my belly. I also laboured in the tub, it was wonderful :).

I found I wasn't able to communicate very well in active labour. I wanted to say many things to my doula and midwives but I couldn't. It wasn't easy to communicate during active labour with my second (mostly spontaneous labour) but it was so much easier then during the induced labour.

Anyway, my experience was amazing. I had been planning an unmedicated, homebirth so things were a little different, but I couldn't have imagined that it would have gone that well. For months I was scared to have another baby because I didn't think I could ever be that lucky again :).