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Feb 18th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting BabyMakinMachine.:</b>" Good luck. Should be by Wed."</blockquote>

Thanks!! I hope so. :)

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Feb 18th '13
Quoting KiKi Dee:" I got mine 1 week after filing. However, I know if you claim certain thing i.e. school it take longer. As far as them sending a letter you could have an unpaid debt they are taking it for."

I didnt have no school claims or anything =/
and it said about the letter thing, but then a few hrs later didnt say a thing about it, and said it was accepted and i would have a date as soon as ones available.
thats why the tax guy told me, the IRS site is so messed up and keeps having errors and issues, he also told me IF there was a problem. he would of got a red flad on his end by now and he checked it through his system and its saying it was accepted.. so idk, so weird, but tuesday will be 3 weeks,