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Feb 15th '13

That I'm learning to appreciate the most.

My kid's & I have been living with my parents since my divorce (august). For the most part, the transition has gone pretty well. I've always been close with them, they are amazing grandparents, and have always supported me in whatever decisions I've made in my life. However, since the fall, my health has taken a crappy turn, and I now have hypertension. My SO took me to the ER late Thanksgiving night because he thought I was showing signs of a stroke, and he took my blood pressure. (he's a nuclear medical technologist in cardiac) and it was 160/105. Turns out, I was in fact having mini-strokes. I'm only 27....I'm way too young for that crap. I'm now on blood pressure medication and an aspirin regimen. I already eat very healthily & exercise regularly. We think it was stress related.

Anyway, tonight was a night that I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. I didn't say anything though. I just wanted to get the kids to bed so I could relax a little before going to bed. My mom seemed to notice though, and while I was helping my kids brush their teeth, she told me once they were done to send them to her room; so they could watch a movie and have a slumber party with her :).

I feel so elated. Thanks to her kind gesture, I get to take a bubble bath and use my Bath & Body Works aromatherapy sleep products that I've only been able to use one time since she gave them to me for Christmas.....and I am thrilled lol. Pointless post :), but damn, I am stoked about getting a relaxing Friday night!

Hope everyone has a good night!