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Feb 15th '13

My son will be 2 next month.

His skin is a disaster, lol. He has these tiny little bumps all over his skin. They are pretty much like little flesh colored pimples. I might even guess heat rash or something, but he gets them even when he's totally naked and it isn't hot. He has them most of the time. He also gets diaper rashes SUPER easy, but they go away really really fast too. Like, it'll be horrible and it will be gone before the day is over. Do they normally go away so fast?

I keep thinking maybe it's something he's eating. We use the no perfume, no anything laundry soap. We've tried no bubble bath or anything, all different types of shampoo. Nothing seems to help.

He doesn't seem bothered by it. I mean, he's grouchy a lot, but he doesn't scratch at the bumps.

I'm going to ask his Dr at his next appointment. We've had to switch because I couldn't stand his last Dr so we're still in that hurdle. Anyone's kids have anything similar?

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Feb 15th '13

My skin is the same way. It has never went away.