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Feb 15th '13

now that i got a minute, i figured i would type it out while i still remember and still have the time to do it. :lol:

yesterday was my due date (2/14/13) and i had my 40 week check up.
no contractions, no signs of labor at all.
i was 50% effaced and 1-2cm dilated, so the doc did a membrane sweep.
no cramping, no bloody show.
so my mom, DD and i walked around the mall for a while.
started getting contractions 6-7mins apart, but they werent painful at all. more like BH, but with a regular interval.
but after dinner they went completely away so DH and i layed in bed watching movies until 12AM. thats when everyone went to bed and i suddenly started getting the BH again...but this time with discomfort to them.
i tried to distract myself and go to sleep anyways, but by 2.30AM they were 2-3 mins apart and pretty painful, so i debated on what to do next.
i was going to go take a shower to see if it would ease the pain and make them go away again, but once i got out of bed the contractions got even closer together and with a decent amount of pressure so since it is a 40min drive to L&D we decided it was time to go.
we got there around 4.20AM and i got hooked up to the monitors to see if it was worth admitting. around 4.50AM i was contracting about 4mins apart, so they checked me and said i was 3-4cm and that since it was such a long drive i would be staying to see if it goes any further.
the nurse led me into the bathroom with the birthing tub and shower to try and give me an enema, hoping it would help ease things. that didnt work for me at all though, so i just walked around the bathroom instead swaying back and forth to get through the contractions.
around 5.30AM i was asked if i would like to get in the tub to ease the pain or go check out the monitors again and see if i progressed any.
since contractions were getting pretty much back to back and more and more unbearable i decided to go with the monitors first and then move to the tub after.
all we had to do was walk from one door to another and i had two mean contractions on the way there. the second i got to lay down on the bed for the monitors i started screaming in pain - i had been very focused on my breathing up until then and was nice and calm and concentrated... - but i had insane pressure like he had to come NOW. so the nurse pulled down my pants and checked me.
she said my water was buldging and that we would break it with the next contraction...instead the water broke and went everywhere all on its own. thats when the nurse said he was already crowning and i just need to push.
2 long pushes and he was out. the doctor didnt even make it to the room on time, it was just the midwife on call, DH and me.
Elliot was born
at 5.49AM
on 2/15/13
weighing 8lbs and
measuring 20 inches.

he came out without a cry and started rooting and trying to push himself onto my b**b to nurse. :lol:
my placenta apparently didnt age as well as we thought and was pretty calcified so parts of it didnt come out on its own which caused me to bleed A LOT. the doc came in just to get the rest out and give me my 3 stitches.

after that i felt ok, so he got measured etc (which he HATED :lol: )and i got to go to the PP room to eat, drink and nurse.
then we got assigned to my room and they made me get up to use the bathroom. i only made it to the toilet before everything started spinning and turning blurry so i was wheeled back to bed and given a bunch of IVs.
now i almost feel like i was never pregnant in the first place. haha

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Feb 15th '13

Congrats!! Your pregnancy went by really fast! I can't wait to see pictures :)

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Feb 15th '13

Awesome birth story congratulations

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Feb 15th '13


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Feb 15th '13


I swear it was just yesterday I heard about your pregnancy.

Glad you're doing well. Can't wait to see pics!

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Feb 15th '13

Whoa! That was fast! I saw a reply you made on a post yesterday and wondered if it would be soon! Little did I know!! LOL Congratulations!!!

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Feb 15th '13

Congrats that's awesome how fast it was!!!

That's two feb mamas who went to the dr with barely any progress and went into labor that night. Crazy!!!

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Feb 15th '13

Congrats mama!!! Can't wait to see pics of him!

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Feb 15th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Fusselinchen:</b>" now that i got a minute, i figured i would type it out while i still remember and still have the time ... [snip!] ... so i was wheeled back to bed and given a bunch of IVs. now i almost feel like i was never pregnant in the first place. haha"</blockquote>

Mr Impatient!! Lol!! Too cute about him rooting around :)

Congrats to yall!!

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Feb 15th '13



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Feb 15th '13

Congrats! Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

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Feb 15th '13

congrats it sounded pretty easy and fast!

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Feb 16th '13

Congrats Jenny!

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Feb 17th '13

So happy for you! Congratulations!!!