HELP!! Tonsil Removal at 17months?? Mommy2.D-B Due May 1; 1 child; New Mexico 712 posts
Feb 15th '13

What are your thoughts on getting tonsils removed[on a toddler]? My son is jsut about 17 months old[he'll be 17 months on the 27th], and EVERY time we see the dr, whether its a sick visit or not they tell me his tonsils are really big. Yesterday i took him to the dr because i thought he might have had an ear infection[we already seen an ENT for his ears] and the DR said his tonsils were very swollen at a 3+ she said if he happens to get sick then he could possibly go into respiratory distress. They are going to refer us to an ENT again. I've never heard of removing tonsils so young! Anyone have any advice? Anyone know about the surgery? How long does it take? will it be AT a hospital? Hows recovery? Thanks!!