⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
Feb 15th '13
Quoting bbbt:" What about Joseph Clark? Clark was my grandpa. "

its nice & it will have meaning

Jenna Rae 2 kids; Wisconsin 607 posts
Feb 15th '13

I like Joseph Michael.

0000000000000000000000000 Virginia 1290 posts
Feb 15th '13
Quoting bbbt:" What do you think of the name Joseph? Too traditional? Too common? What middle name would you pair with ... [snip!] ... I've been stuck on using it as a middle name after my dad, but s/o mentioned just using it as a first name. What do you think?"

I went to school with two guys named Joseph, and have a brother - in - law named Joseph. That should answer your question about how I feel about this name.