Post Partum placenta bleeding Chelsey Lee 1 child; New York 441 posts
Feb 15th '13

so I am 2 weeks 3 days PP and I barely bled since I left the hospital... until today I went pee and was using my peri bottle and I felt a weird pressure while spraying I just thought I was spraying too hard and then I heard a heavy plop and when I looked down it was bigger than a softball and it was not a blood clot it was a piece of my placenta. I almost threw up. I started bleeding excessively after and had to go to the ER... did a sono and seen no more retained pieces and after 3 bags on IV and waiting the bleeding slowed down and my dr released me when my heart rate dropped below 120 he said it was high because of the amount of blood I lost... WOW lets just say I am over PP shit already! Now for the first time since the 3rd day after I had him I am having aggressive cramps.

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
Feb 15th '13

Yikes! After you delivered, did they pull your placenta out or let you deliver it naturally? Hopefully you don't get an infection. My grandma got a nasty infection from retained placental fragments.

Chelsey Lee 1 child; New York 441 posts
Feb 15th '13

i deliverd it w/ just 2 small pushes... it like slid out on its on really... I really hope I dont either... but I am glad the sono showed no more retained pieces....