Mirena IUD... RissaBbyGurl_456 Due July 14; 1 child; 3 angel babies; Arizona 994 posts
Feb 14th '13

So I've had the mirena for a few months now, and i liked it except for the fact that I bled all the time but I heard that was normal. But the past month or so I kept getting this really sharp pain in my uterus and thought maybe I had a cyst. Then as the days progressed the pain got so intense I couldn't pick up my son or walk. So I went to the OB and she pressed down on the spot, and told me to get an ultrasound. Well the pain got worse so I went to the ER and turns out... my mirena was 3/4 of the way out, sitting half way through my cervix. The doctor there said that was probably the cause of the pain and that it probably caused the bleeding and I was lucky I wasn't pregnant.

So long story short, she pulled my mirena out and I now don't know what to do. Birth control didn't do anything to prevent my pregnancy before and I hate condoms. Should I just try to get another mirena, or get back on birth control and use condoms at the same time? Ugh this sucks!

I♡C&R. 2 kids; Collinsville, IL, United States 25576 posts
Feb 14th '13

There are other forms of BC such as the Nuva Ring, Depo shot, the Patch, etc. Try something else? I didn't care for condoms either and pills made me moody/emotional.