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Feb 16th '13

1. No issues with pregnancy, went from 109lbs to 154lbs. Never lost mucous plug, was said i was having a boy, but had a girl. Last ob appt 39weeks @ 10am, went home had some cramping and pain when going pee. Got to hospital at 430 daughter was born at 824pm.

2. Bleeding at 12 weeks, diagnosed with low lying placenta and circumvallet, started pre term labor with bleeding at 24 weeks. Numerous stays in the hospital. Brought in at 32weeks, released at 34 wks, came back that night got steroid shots & labor stopped, next afternoon i felt an urge to push & just as ob walked in i had pushed her out.

3. Very uneventful. Went to ob with contractions at 4ish at 39weeks, she was born at 1059pm.

4. False labor at 38.5wks, sent home. Came Back at 39.6 my water broke at 9am (39.5) after loads of pitocin she was born 1am ish. Got a spinal headache, so dont remember most of that visit. She was the worst and longest.

Im taking rasp. Leaf tea this time around to strengthen everything down there, in hopes to not have a bad labor. 38.2 now :)