Is this teething symptoms Mary Stickles Due May 22; 4 kids; Virginia Beach, Virginia 978 posts
Feb 14th '13

My DS is 10 months woke up yesterday with runny nose. Its clear, he is sneezing tons and it is running a lot. No fever, poop is normal lots of extra chewing and not taking food or bottle well. Screaming nonstop. My question is did any of your LO get like this while teething? TIA

Blythe. 1 child; Indiana 23001 posts
Feb 14th '13

not the runny nose and sneezing. But the rest of it yes

...lll 1 child; Rutland, Vermont 1400 posts
Feb 14th '13

dd cut two teeth when she was a little over 5 months... shes now almsot 7 months and has been so cranky today... shes crying as we speak... i try holding, swinging... ext... nothing helps... i hopes its teeth or else i dont know what else to do