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thats all ♥Love♥ 1 child; 2 angel babies; California 10948 posts
Feb 13th '13


Iron Man 6 kids; 1 angel baby; 1700 posts
Feb 13th '13
Quoting ♥Love♥:" If you have tried hot yoga, did you like it? Would you recommend it? Why or why not? I really want to ... [snip!] ... it help you lose weight? Id appreciate any advise you have about it! edit: may be a post and run, computer battery is dying"

I DIED in hot yoga. I love regular yoga, so figured it would be an awesome way to lose a couple extra pounds. Yeah, no. I'm not a big heat person. I died the first time I went into a sauna. I literally started to hyperventilate. Not cool.

So if you want to feel like you're doing yoga in a sauna, go for it. As for losing weight, I didn't find yoga did a ton for me. I use it more to center myself and to keep myself lose for the rest of my work-outs, rather than as a work-out in itself.

user banned Due December 8 (boy); 16 kids; Massachusetts 6396 posts
Feb 13th '13

I loooove yoga- I do it quite often. But I HATE being too hot, literally dripping sweat, running down my face and off my nose- It just didnt work for me. Yoga without the heat- now that's my jam.

If none of that bothers you, then you won't have a problem :)

Cαtwomαn 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Gotham, DC, United States 15131 posts
Feb 13th '13

That sounds miserable. Lol

Ronnie RadKat 4 kids; Arizona 23349 posts
Feb 13th '13

I liked it but got migraines after from dehydration even though I drank a ton of water.

I wasn't doing it for weight loss, just for balance and flexibility.

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
Feb 13th '13

I love it!!!!!! I hated it the first few times, but now my body is used to it. I have lost tons of inches and my body looks pretty nice. Just drink lots of water!