Screwed Again! Maria + Cory = Alexis 17 kids; Middleport, Ohio 1075 posts
Feb 13th '13

SO finally got the job he really wanted on Christmas Eve. He has been doing good since he started there. His manager and customers love him. I have heard lots of praise about his job from his manager. His manager was even talking of stepping down and telling SO that he would be perfect for the role. He has more experience with a different company.

Anyway just tonight SO gets a call saying he has to switch buildings and switch from night shift to day shift. He has no say in the matter. They said if he didn't switch they would find someone else to do it. The big problem is I am set to go back to work. We have the same type of job but work for different companies. I work days he worked nights. We had every thing planned out. And now it is all ruined.

We have a ton of appointment scheduled for this month and next. SO has an eye appointment and dentist appointments scheduled. LO has her hearing re-screeching and well check appointments set. I have a dentist appointment, my well check appointment, a dermatologist appointment (which I have been waiting on for months), and weekly counselling for depression. I have built our appointments around our work schedules and now everything is ruined. We only have one car, and if we are both working the same day who will watch LO? Because SO pays CS for his other two children we can't live on his income alone and with his company doing him this way I don't feel secure financially being a SAHM which is my dream.

I am so sick of SO being screwed out of his job and his position. It seems to happen to him a lot. It just isn't fair. I know life isn't fair but this stuff is really starting to fuel my depression again.

Emily Dickinson 18 kids; Indiana 57854 posts
Feb 13th '13

My husband is a truck driver.
He can't ever go to the doctor or any of our appointments because he isn't home for five days at a time.

You get over it. Look at the brightside - he gets to be home every night for dinner. I wish I could say the same.