Meals. Me+ (3) 3 kids; Lima, OH, United States 2355 posts
Feb 12th '13

Describe your daily eating habits.

For you, SO and kids.


also, what times?

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Feb 12th '13

None of us are huge on breakfast so its usually just cereal or eggs for the kids. Breakfast is about 30 min after they wake up
Lunch is leftovers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, fruit, pasta, mini pizza, sandwich and is around 12:30 or 1.

Dinner we have a meal list and make a meal plan from that.

Today the girls had cheerios for breakfast
Lunch was buffalo chicken stromboli for DH and I since he is home.
My youngest slept through lunch and my oldest had a cheese stick and two large carrots.

Mummy-2-3-Monsters 3 kids; Seven Hills, Australia 15734 posts
Feb 12th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Courtney; [39 weeks]:</b>" Describe your daily eating habits. For you, SO and kids. Breakfast Lunch Dinner also, what times?"</blockquote>

Hubs had an up and go for breakfast every morning. I pack him a lunch for his work its usually sandwich, salad and fruit. And he has dinner when he gets home which is around 8-9.

Tash has breaky at 8, most days she has an up and go as well because she drags her feet in getting ready so she's forced to have it while walkin to school. She usually has a sandwich and fruit for lunch/ recess. An dinner is at 6.

Me and Marcus have breaky early morning at 7am. Usually cereal or toast or fruit and yoghurt. Then snack at 10. Lunch at 1. Snack at 4 with tash. And dinner at 6.

And dinner I usually what ever I think of that day.

Roo & Sophie's mama 2 kids; Denton, Texas 9318 posts
Feb 12th '13

Breakfast (7-8 am) the kids usually either cereal,fruit and breakfast bar or yogurt and waffle.DH and I usually have either cereal or omelets.

Kids snack around 930am and its usually either fruit , dry cereal, or yogurt

Lunch ( 11am) - either left overs, quessadillas, or sandwiches

snacks for me and the kids (2pm) - crackers, veggies and dip , smoothies ect

Dinner at 6-630 and I pick something off of my meal plan

♛Queen Boo♛ 2 kids; United Kingdom 2535 posts
Feb 13th '13

Breakfast - Coffee for me, toast or cereal for the kids.

Lunch - 12/1pm - Depends if in or out. Can be a meal or sandwich

Dinner - 5/5.30pm - Tonight will be chops, mash, corn and peas with gravy.

Even though they have a hot dinner at school I still do another hot meal at dinner time as they are gannets lol.

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
Feb 13th '13

For myself I only eat once a day, around 5:30pm.

My families day is seperate from eachothers. lol This is my 1 yr olds. (yesterdays meal plan) I do a meal plan every night before bed for her. lol

7am breakfast. 1/2c whole milk. egg omelette with green and red peppers, mushrooms, spinach and fetta cheese. 1 piece of toast with unsalted butter.

9am snack. 1/2c juice (with stool softner in it) vanillia yogurt (wheat germ) blueberries handfull of cheerios.

11:45am lunch. 1/2c whole milk. pasta salad (red onions, dressing,cheese,ham, hard boiled egg, carrots,) mum mum toddler cookie (2)

3:30pm snack 1/2c water. Hummus with crackers, steamed yellow beans

5:30pm dinner. 1/2c whole milk. Shrimp tortellini (stuffed with cheese) in an homemade alfredo sauce. Ceaser salad, garlic bread, steamed broccoli and caulifower. Dessert apple cinnamon pie (homemade)

7am snack. 1/2c whole milk. half a banana, strawberries, handful of cheerios.

my older kids.
whatever they have n their lunches and whatever they have for dinner.