chickenpox Nancy Botwin 2 kids; Pennsylvania 2204 posts
Feb 12th '13

My step daughter got a letter sent home from school informing us there are known cases of chickenpox reported. My lo has not received his vaccine yet, actually do for it on Thursday.

My question is, can my step daughter bring it home to the baby even though she is vaccinated? Also should the baby steer clear of the school? We go once a week for her basketball games.

And if she could possibly bring it home to him, should I hold off on the shot this Thursday?

TrixieGirl Due July 4; 1 child; Maryland 1175 posts
Feb 12th '13

So chicken pox is contagious before the breakout and while the blisters are open. Your family may have already been exposed. It takes about 14 days from initial exposure to when the break out occurs. I dont know if your SD can bring it home or not, but I would def steer clear of the school for a while with your babe even if they have possibly already been exposed. I would call your DR tomorrow and get the oppinion about the vaccine.