getting tattoos for multiple kids.. Mommy+1 California 897 posts
Feb 12th '13

soooooooo i just had my third child in november and i want to get a tattoo for her...only thing is my 2 other kids tattoos are spread apart, i have my daughters name on my foot with a lady bug, and then my sons name on my hip with a heart, i already had the heart tattooed and just added his name, i wish i wouldve waited til i was done hang kids to just get one tattoo for all of them, cus now i dont know where to get my daughters ...should i just add her name on my foot next to my other daughters? or i was thinking of getting their birth flowers tattooed on my shoulder but i dont want DD #3 to be upset i dont have her name tatooed on me...

ugh decsions, decsions.

if you have a tattoo for your kids, what is it? i need ideas.!!

Just Emily :) 3 kids; Aberdeen, Sd, United States 15303 posts
Feb 12th '13

Watching! I got a very large tattoo for DS and recently realized I want a few more kids so now Ill have to get a big one for all of them!

user banned Vancouver, British Columbia 5643 posts
Feb 12th '13

I already have a heart tattoo on my hip and I'm just going to add LOs initials to it. I'm planning on having one more child so I'm going to wait until I have the other baby and then add both initials in one session. I need to fix my tattoo because it stretched during my pregnancy.

Carters mama <3 Due February 19; 1 child; Portland, Oregon 5364 posts
Feb 12th '13

For my LO I got a tattoo going down my spine. In French it says 'thanks to you I breathe again' and then his birthday in Roman numerals. I have enough room on my spine still for another set of numbers so I'm just gonna add that if I ever have another baby.