Update On My Babe *pics* posts
Feb 12th '13

So ! Other than her having a little cough (our whole household is sick) , my girl is perfect & healthy ! At her checkup last month she was 17lbs , 25in ! I can't wait to see how much she's grown at her 6 month needles on the 14th of March !

She can roll over from back to belly , & belly to back. & She's now trying to crawl ! She can hold up her chest , pull herself to her knees & can put one knee in front of the other , but that's as far as she goes before she rolls over :P

& When I dropped her off at her dad's on Friday & was saying goodbye , she said MAMA ! :D:D:D & She can hold her own 8oz bottle for her whole feeding.

Ummmm , that's all I can think of right now , so I'll let you see the pictures of her !

The smile I wake up to every morning !


My roommate dressing her up in a "toga" (her scarf). :lol:

She loves s*****g on her bottom lip.


Holding her chest semi-up :P


A few weeks after finding her feet


Her Valentine's Day present from me !


My roommates having cuddle time <3

Tummy Time :)

Just hanging out.

Thanks for reading !!!! Promise to update more often ! Just been super busy lately :lol:

whoknowsx New York, 1185 posts
Feb 12th '13

She is so adorable!