Photoshoot Ꭶwan♥Nemo Due September 24 (boy); 1 child; Kansas City, Missouri 7526 posts
Feb 12th '13

Just sharing. My friend Mark takes pictures for fun so we decided to go to the park one day and get some some Mother-Son photos. It didnt go exactly as planned because my son was pissed off most of the shoot but he got some good shots I think lol.

And ugh, I can see the entire 35 pounds I regained in the last 4 months in these pics, if these arent motivation I dont know what is :x:oops::cry:


I would have liked this one more if he had been more peaceful lol

He wanted the pacifier after about 20 minutes lol. He was NOT feeling it this day

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
Feb 12th '13


NICKEL☮POLIS 2 kids; Ontario 6268 posts
Feb 12th '13

Beautiful :) I love the one in colour of him hugging you, SO sweet

whoknowsx New York, 1185 posts
Feb 12th '13

Aww so cute!