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Feb 12th '13
Quoting 10 til Gwen:" My phone makes me post if I type too much :roll: Anyway where I was going with that was, I couldn't ... [snip!] ... for at least a few hrs a day so you can focus 100% on your job for a solid chunk of time. It'd cut down on stress a lot."

Thank you for all that...even though your phone was all TL:DR :lol:
Right now childcare is unfortunately out of the question, for at least a couple of months, my oldest will hopefully be starting head start in the fall. DH is willing to rearrange his schedule to see if it will make it easier, like he gets off work around 5 am and usually goes to sleep right after he gets home, but today he stayed up til 11 so I was able to get 2 hours out of my four out of the way, thankfully I can split the then during the day I got 1 more hour done and right now I just finished my last hour. We'll play around with our schedules to see what works best, but I definitely know I need to get into pre planning/cooking our meals and setting up a weekly schedule for cleaning and such.