Stfu Squirrel District of Columbia 8560 posts
Feb 13th '13

I'd be smarter and REALLY hard-working and less impatient with bullshit.

Physically? Nothing.

Clk 2 kids; Dexter, Michigan 12438 posts
Feb 13th '13

I would change my genetics so I don't have a high chance of getting cancer, and heart disease. It's what the women die of in my family. I would also like to not have depression issues, and not sound like an idiot half the time in social situations.

I'm learning to like my outside, while making healthier choices. In a year I won't be overweight, won't be a model, but I'll be healthy. Being healthy is a huge goal of mine, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

~*~Modern*Day*Delilah~*~ 17 kids; Connecticut 15826 posts
Feb 14th '13
Quoting Mel & a girl named Pey:" <blockquote><b>Quoting ~*~Modern*Day*Delilah~*~:</b>" Hmmm.... Lose weight Have perfect ... [snip!] ... basically everything....pretty sad when I look at my list of self loathing hahaha"</blockquote> Girl you are gorgeous!"

Aw thank you :)

Maia's Mama 1 child; Washington 283 posts
Feb 15th '13

To erase all my scars! People always ask me about them. Either I want them gone or I want some kind of badass story to go with them. Because nearly every one of them is incredibly lame.

Bitten in the back to the point of needing 12 stitches by a miniature pony. Burned myself with the iron. Burned myself on the oven. Burned myself on the cooktop. Sliced my knuckle off cutting the turkey at Thanksgiving, bled out all over dinner. Slipped on ice and cut myself on the "icy conditions" metal sign... I can't make this shit up.

Also, I wouldn't have such skinny bony legs and arms. I have veiny Angelina Jolie ugly arms. It's my luck that I got exactly one feature that looks like that of a movie star, and instead of something cool, I got the ugliest pair of arms known to man. At least the ugliest arms not seen on a heroin addict.

AFK Australia 18873 posts
Feb 15th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting SaucyPoppet:</b>" *weigh 85 lbs less *not have all the extra skin from being fat *be more patient *to not have depression ... [snip!] ... to have the motivation to get out of bed * for my hair to be OMFGRED permanently and not have to dye this shit all the time"</blockquote>


This is everything me. Except I'd like natural platinum blonde hair. LOL

Also, I'd change back to my teenage skin... The days where I didn't have acne.